Patient Portal

Our patient portal offers our patients personalized and secure access to portions of your electronic medical record. This allows you to manage your health and stay connected with us.
In order to use the Portal you must first receive an invitation from us. This will come when we have  a good email address for you. You can call us at 2567397050 to update your email and get a portal invite at any time. New patients will receive an invite when we create your new appointment. Then you will receive an email from Systemedx Patient Portal. It will contain your Portal ID. You can go into the portal from the email or from the link in the button below. You will need your Portal ID and date of birth. After that, you can send us secure messages, request refills and make/change appointments.
You can access these convenient and secure tools from anywhere you can connect to the internet.
The bill pay portal allows you to securely pay online.

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